4 insights into Inspecting Buildings Post Covid-19

Nicholas Woodman our Assistant Building Surveyor gives some great advice on how he’s been able to continue going out on survey during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Several weeks into the lockdown announced by the UK Government and Coronavirus (Covid-19) is still having a significant effect on the Construction industry worldwide. This short article looks at the steps that PRE have been taking to continue to carry out inspections of buildings while following all government guidance.

1. Social distancing onsite

This can be defined as the most critical precaution necessary to reduce the spread of Covid. Typically, office buildings in Central London would be in full flow with many workers present onsite. Many companies have been able to adapt to the situation by arranging for employees to work from home if they can. Subsequently buildings are less full and social distancing is easier to maintain.

2. Getting to and from site

As discussed in point 1 it is vital to maintain a distance of at least 2 metres apart from others to stop the spread of the virus. Advice from the Government on 25thMay 2020 stated that workers should avoid public transport if they can to limit the amount of passengers on tubes, buses and trains. Instead, we have taken other options such as cycling to sites and driving. This dramatically reduces contact with other members of the general public.

3. Personal Protective Equipment

Previously a site bag would include items of PPE such as a hard hat, high visibility jacket and safety boots however protective gloves and face coverings have become PPE items used daily.

4. Cleaning and Sanitising

Touching surfaces which may be contaminated can cause you to contract the virus therefore it is crucial to take the steps necessary to reduce the risk of this happening. These steps include; frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between uses, frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces touched regularly, washing your hands several times throughout the day.

Our thoughts are with all the families who have suffered through the pandemic and like the whole nation we hope that following these steps lead to less people becoming infected. There has been encouraging evidence of a downward trend published by the Government, this implies that this new way of working could be a system that stays in place for a longer period to come. Therefore it has become essential for employers to analyse the methods of working in order to follow the guidance while continuing to keep the workflow.

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