Why should occupiers obtain a Photographic Schedule of Condition?

A schedule of condition report is essential for owners and occupiers as it provides an accurate record of a properties state of repair and any defects at a particular point in time. An accurate schedule of condition has many benefits that extend between stakeholders which include limiting future dilapidations liabilities, addressing tenant alterations and identifying damage in party wall matters. At PRE we provide highly detailed Photographic Schedules of Condition tailored to suit any extra requirements that you require. Below we outline the process that we take to identify and record the condition of a property.


When recording our photographic schedule of condition, PRE take into account the need for clear and precise information. This is especially the case in the event of dilapidations disputes and party wall matters, we therefore breakdown our schedule of condition into easy to understand and easy to navigate sections as follows;

1. Walls
2. Floors
3. Ceiling
4. Woodwork and Joinery

It is essential to record all areas within a property by room, as such each room of the property will be examined individually by the protocol above and listed in order to ensure that the report can be easily understood, and information can be located with ease. We look in depth at each area separately to identify any localised damage and asses the overall condition of the surfaces.


Our external survey takes uses the same process as above, however we breakdown our schedules of condition into the following sections;

1. North Elevation
2. East Elevation
3. South Elevation
4. West Elevation

We look beyond the basics of the structure and identify areas of significant defects such as within brickwork or lintels.

At PRE we have an extensive base of expertise that allows us to deliver high quality projects quickly and to tight deadlines. We use supporting technologies such as laser scanning and drone surveys to provide a tailored report that compliments lease documents.

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