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Bringing fast, accurate and due diligent expertise to referencing buildings. In order to maintain and safeguard the trust and confidence of our clients, we place paramount importance on the maintenance of certain standards of conduct. PRE Chartered Surveyors’ standards of conduct are principally made up of certain rules, regulations and ethical principles.

Our specialist property team offers you considerable experience in preparing Area Measurement Reports and Measured Building Surveys/Architectural.

Our reputation for providing a fast, accurate and cost-effective service – whether for city centre offices, retail premises or industrial sites – is underpinned by using the latest technology for reporting.

PureRES Area Measurement
PureRES Area Measurement

Area Measurement Services

Area Measurement Reports (NIA/GIA/GEA/ITZA)
Measurements are taken as found on site, under site conditions at that time, and in line with our standard conditions of contract. The measurements are taken to the dominant internal face of perimeter walls and to the face of walls enclosing toilets, stairs and other core areas. Dimensions, using a steel tape and "Leica Disto" laser device, among other surveying equipment, were taken between turning points around the walls. These were recorded manually on sketches, together with overall distances and where necessary, diagonals and check measurements. We compare our calculated floor areas with information that is provided to us by clients, or with information found through our research, in order to maximise the accuracy of our surveys.
International Property Measurements Standards (IPMS)
We work in accordance with the guidelines, as described in the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) International Property Measurement Standards 1st Edition, May 2015, which provides precise definitions to permit the accurate measurement of buildings and land, the calculation of the sizes (areas and volumes) and the description or specification of land and buildings on a common and consistent basis.
Land Registry Compliant Lease Plans (LRCLP)
Registering a titles property or land is a complicated, multi-layered process. We support our clients at every stage, structuring the best approach to realise your objectives. We work with many commercial property clients to produce lease and other property title plans in compliance with the Land Registration Act 2002.

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