Building Surveying

Every property and instruction is unique, and PRE Chartered Surveyors’ Building Surveying services are tailored accordingly to meet your objectives, effectively manage your risk and add the maximum possible value.

Our ability to deliver bespoke surveying solutions is made possible thorough our experience, specialist expertise, commercial focus and flexible approach.

We have a successful history of working closely with owners and occupiers, helping them with Building Surveying, Project Management, Cost Management, Sustainability and Building Services.

Our aim is to enable our clients to maximise potential and minimise complexity without compromise.

Building Surveying Services:

Schedules of Condition
Our experienced team provides a thorough and highly reliable snapshot of a building. Accuracy is key as the Schedule of Condition is used when dealing with tenant alteration and is key in party wall work to show any change through the construction process. It also helps with dilapidations considerations.
Technical Due Diligence (TDD)
When weighing up whether to acquire or lease a building, it is critical that you have the right information to hand, from its general condition, to whether the interior layout is fit for requirements – producing reports to help you reach a considered decision. Our TDD service at PRE Chartered Surveyors seeks to reveal the true nature of a building, starting with a building survey, assessing repair obligations for leases and benchmarking the property against industry standards. PRE Chartered Surveyors can advise on the core elements of property such as; structure and fabric, building engineering services, legal and compliance matters, energy and sustainability, maintenance and projected capital expenditure.
Dilapidations issues (lease liabilities relating to repairing, decorating, and creating or removing alterations and additions) feature at every stage of a lease, from the consideration of liabilities when a new lease is agreed, to the enforcement of lease covenants during the term, break options, surrenders, end-of-term building works, and the negotiation of financial settlements. Our dilapidations specialists guide our clients through what can be a complex and varied process, and we tailor our services to suit your individual requirements.
Licences to Alter
Whether you are a Tenant or Landlord dealing with an upcoming lease transaction, it is in your best interests that tenant alterations are fully understood, agreed and documented. PRE Chartered Surveyors are able to provide guidance and support in relation to tenant alterations to ensure our client’s current and future interests are considered and protected.
Planned Maintenance
It makes sound commercial sense to make adequate financial provision for future repairs. A building will naturally deteriorate over time. PPM is an asset management tool that seeks to substantially reduce reactive maintenance to retain occupied space for tenants, or common areas, building fabric and structure and equipment for landlords, for example. PRE Chartered Surveyors can provide clients with a greater degree of predictability when budgeting and help to avoid systems failure.
Reinstatement Cost Assessments
Accuracy is essential in ensuring that a property is adequately insured, should the property be completely destroyed. Most underwriters will insist of a professional evaluation of a building. Our expert team is highly experienced and has the technical expertise to carry out this assessment.
Defects Analysis
A core skill of a Surveyor is defect analysis and this skill runs through every single skillset and is essential in renovation, refurbishment, dilapidations, survey work and conservation schemes. PRE Chartered Surveyors will inspect the property, consider the problem, provide a resolution and/or recourse to the originator of the defect(s), for example in relation to water ingress, damp/mould, movement/cracking or workmanship of building work. Where necessary our team will arrange and supervise the instruction and appointment of any other necessary 'specialist(s)' needed to get a true and correct analysis of a range of defects.

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