Project Management

We believe in involving our client throughout their project, purely because we feel that it’s the best way to keep everything on track. No matter how complex a project, we are always focused on you, our client.


At PRE Chartered Surveyors we offer a range of Commercial and Project Management services to Developers, Contractors and Individuals.

Project Management Services:

Feasibility Studies
PRE Chartered Surveyors undertake feasibility studies either as a single instruction or part of a capital project. A feasibility study will provide our clients with an insight in regard to whether a project is worthwhile pursuing.
Design & Contract Administration
Our experts provide design, drawing and specification writing for projects of repair, alterations, extension and restoration. Our involvement can be at all stages of the construction process, from initial advice and survey, to design, tendering and administering the construction phase. Our clients have the option to engage us for complete design and contract administration services or simply to select a specific area where our expertise will assist them the most.
Employers Agent
PRE Chartered Surveyors provide Employer’s Agent services acting as the representative for letting a Design and Build contract. We also provide service and support where our Client(s) may seek to employ a professional consultant to manage a project on their behalf.
CDM advisory services & principle designer role
PRE Chartered Surveyors carry out out the role of Principal Designer under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015. Clients have a legal duty on most construction projects to appoint a Principal Designer.
Development Appraisals
Our development appraisals involve assessment and advice regarding the viability of a development proposal or the value of land for development purposes. This service allows us to advise our clients on the overall form of the development to enable a maximum return on investment for the developer or landowner.
Risk Management
PRE Chartered Surveyors can assist clients in connection with the prevention and mitigation of potential costly delays and disruptions before project commencement or during the course of a project. Our construction experts understand the changing construction industry and draw upon experience to provide cost-effective solutions that work.
Value Engineering
Value engineering helps to maximise value for money, from inception to completion.  Value engineering is not a cost-cutting exercise, but is a means of removing any element that adds cost without contributing to function or performance. This might involve materials, processes, suppliers, over-specification or the timing of project phases.
Clerk of Works / Quality Inspectors
Our Clerk of Works carry out quality-control site inspections on a variety of new-build and refurbishment projects. Our inspections check for compliance with standard requirements and continually monitor quality and progress.
Project Programming
Our programme management services deliver successful projects by ensuring our clients achieve effective programming. Our team continually evaluates and balances conflicting requirements to achieve our clients’ construction goals.
Project Monitoring
The project monitor helps you to minimise risk when financing projects. We liaise with our clients to identify the drivers are behind their involvement and identify the critical factors and plan how to best assure success. As a funder or investor, it is essential to protect and police interests in order to ensure that projects are delivered on time, on budget and to the highest quality. We review the planning, design and construction of developments at every stage of the process to ensure that challenges are identified at an early stage and dealt with efficiently.

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